Hi Everyone! Today, I present you Chasing Blizzard, a pattern made at my husband’s request and part of a KAL organized on Mastodon, a young decentralized social network. This beautiful scarf with multiple stripes is created by Kati Gumenius. You can find the free pattern on Ravelry. I contacted Kati... Read more »
Hello, I present you today the last sweater for my son: an “officer” sweater, made with “Sport” of Bergère de France, found in the book “Tricot Kid 154”. It’s the sweater you’ll find page 10 here. Unfortunetly, I can’t give you the pattern because the book is still on sale,... Read more »
Today I present you my favourite, a very beautiful sweater, so sweet, so light, to warm up your Christmas. It’s the first KAL I made, as I have already write on Facebook one week ago. You will find this beautiful KAL here. Knit with DROP Air, “brouillard” color (not grey),... Read more »
A Fall In Love is a slight shawl, with autumn colors, knitted with a very sweet mohair-yarn, which makes it warm and comfortable, perfect for the first few gales of wind. Its special “heart-shaped” shape will allow you to wear it in many different ways, whether it is in shawl,... Read more »
Today I present you one of the first achievements to prepare this winter 2017-2018! As my daughters are big Harry Potter fans, what better way to warm up their pretty heads than Hermione’s hat! You will find the pattern by Christy Aylesworth in US on Ravelry, and a French translation... Read more »