I present you today the last sweater for my son: an “officer” sweater, made with “Sport” of Bergère de France, found in the book “Tricot Kid 154”.
It’s the sweater you’ll find page 10 here.
Unfortunetly, I can’t give you the pattern because the book is still on sale, although unavalaible… A pattern for skilled knitters, that I find not so complicated, but very veryyyyyyyyyy long to knit .
First because of the stitch (all ribbed), then because of all the finishings to knit: cuffs, collar, collar fronts, button tabs, mounting, buttonholes, etc…
I have begin the pattern in august in hollidays, and I just end it this weed! I am very happy to have finished it, but I don’t think I will make it again soon, neither one of this kind!
However, it worth it!

Next week I will present you a new crochet creation to warm up your little hands this winter ;-)