Good evening to you!

Today I finished the second birth gift that I intend to give to a little lady. This is an “Amamani Puzzle Ball” from Annie’s Crochet, slightly modified as usual to make it a polar bear (the model is not shown in the book).

It is a prehension ball that can be dismantled in 3 parts, in the shape of an animal.

Hook number 3, Sunny yarn of Cheval Blanc 100% mercerized cotton, white, pearl and black. Explanations are subject to a fee and I am not able to provide them free of charge here. However, you can find them on the Annie’s Craft Store website or you can purchase the book on your own on the internet.

New creations are in progress, so I’ll see you soon on Le Crochet d’ Argent!

I wish you a beautiful day!