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Here it is finally in knitting pattern, the Quidditch adult size sweater! In one size (corresponds to a S/M) thanks to the 2/1 rib points that allow it to expand! Knitted here in Hufflepuff, but you just have to change the colors to proudly represent your house! Very easy and... Read more »
Hello to all of you! We continue with creations, with today an ultra simple model to realize: a loose sweater that I named “Waiting for the snow”: its softness and whiteness make me think of a warm afternoon by the fire to watch the snow fall outside! Another very, very... Read more »
Bonjour les tricopines! Je vous présente aujourd’hui une grosse veste, que vous pourrez porter en manteau lors des premiers matins frisquets de l’automne! Avec un point de crochet qui ressemble aux côtes anglaises du tricot! Je me suis largement inspirée, du moins pour ce qui est du point et de... Lire plus »
Hi Everyone! Kids are back to school, but the needles heated up during the holidays: here is a replica of the quidditch Gryffindor Harry Potter sweater! The idea was to make a tight sweater, like a “sock sweater”. It is knitted in 4 needles (3.5mm), with “Rapido”, an acrylic yarn... Read more »
Good morning everyone! Small holiday break for the creations, but the needles and the hook still work! I give you an appointment at the beginning of the school year for many new creations, while waiting I present you my summer achievements! Here is today a light shawl for summer evenings,... Read more »