Here it is finally in knitting pattern, the Quidditch adult size sweater! In one size (corresponds to a S/M) thanks to the 2/1 rib points that allow it to expand! Knitted here in Hufflepuff, but you just have to change the colors to proudly represent your house! Very easy and... Read more »
Hi everyone! Today I present you the last creation of Le Crochet d’Argent, the White-Bird Shawl! A beautiful white shawl, crochet in Norsk Fine, an Alpaca and Wool yarn, very sweet and warm, by this cold weather Very large with its generous dimensions, it will wrap you in warmth for... Read more »
Hi crocheters and knitters! I offer you today the pattern of a creation made for me a few years ago, that I have made again this year: the crochet lace mittens. Very feminines with grey colors and delicate openwork pattern, they warm up your pretty hands as you need and... Read more »
A Fall In Love is a slight shawl, with autumn colors, knitted with a very sweet mohair-yarn, which makes it warm and comfortable, perfect for the first few gales of wind. Its special “heart-shaped” shape will allow you to wear it in many different ways, whether it is in shawl,... Read more »
Good morning everyone ! The first crocheted sweater created by Le Crochet d’Argent: the sweater Miss Manga. This name comes from the girl who asked me to create it from a very detailed specification like: short enough, adjusted in width, with long sleeves that can be worn in mittens turquoise blue.... Read more »